What is review armor?

Review Armor was created in 2011 out of absolute need for our clients.

We were going to be a traditional marketing focused company (Innovative Marketing, CSI) but common sense told us this: when folks hear your name or product or service…they’ll Google you for more info.

We discovered very quickly how important online reviews are to businesses so we got to work!

In mid-2011, Google and the other search engines changed their algorithms putting dramatically more emphasis on the review sites like Yelp and Google+ local…and dozens of others…and if a business or ministry didn’t have a least a 4 star average on several sites with multiple reviews….the consumers were instantly moving to other competitors that did.

In order to best serve our clients…we had to come alongside them to help.

The customer experience is our major focus and is integrated in everything we do.

If you’re not happy with how you look online, call us for a FREE assessment @ 877-383-6699

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