5-Star Ratings are Making a Comeback in Google+ Local Pages – July 15 2013

Remember when Google bought Zagat and they started using its 30-point review system to rate businesses? That was a weird time, wasn’t it? Not everyone knew how to decipher Zagat’s review methods, so the ratings created confusion among business owners and customers alike.

Fortunately, it looks like the folks at Google (or at least the ones working on Google+ Local Pages) have seen the light. Earlier this month, Google started replacing the annoying Zagat rating system in local business pages with the original, easy to understand 5-star scale.

You and your customers won’t have to wonder what all those red numbers mean anymore. Thanks to the return of the 5-star rating system, Google+ is now using a universally accepted way of reviewing local businesses.

Check out the screen shot below. As you can see, all those red Zagat numbers have been replaced by an easy 5-star rating method than can be understood at a glance.

Not seeing the review system on your page yet?

Is the 5-star rating system not showing up on your Google+ Local business page yet? There could be two reasons for this:

First, Google only applies the rating system to businesses that have 5 or more reviews. If you only have a couple on your page at the moment, then you’ll want to work your Review Armor Community Manager to adjust the strategy to increase your reviews.

If you have more than 5 reviews but are still seeing the cumbersome Zagat rating system, then it’s possible the update hasn’t rolled out to your business page yet. Just give Google more time to fully unveil the feature. Your Review Armor Community Manager will be able to monitor the updates and let you know when your page is live.

It’s also important to note that the 5-star scale has returned to Google+ Local Pages only. This means that if you search for a business on Google Maps or regular old Google.com, you would still see the Zagat rating system in search results. (See screen shot below) It’s only a matter of time before Google updates this feature to match the 5-star rating system.

Customers and businesses weigh in

Judging by the reaction of customers and business owners in the forums and blogosphere, it looks like the return of the 5-star rating system is very well received. And if Google listens to its users, it should be just a matter of time before the search giant rolls out the update to its other properties.

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